Fetish Fantasy Alligator Nipple Clamps
Make your nipples perk with pleasure with these beginner Alligator Nipple Clamps. Made with durable metal clips and covered in soft rubber liners, these clamps are perfect for beginners and fetish enthusiasts alike. The amount of pressure you apply to...
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Whip Smart Ball Gag/Nipple Clips
The Ball Gag and Nipple Clamps set combines two sexy staples - a classic ball gag with 2 interchangeable bits, and a pair of pinch-adjustable black nipple clamps. Now once you've buckled up the metallic blue patterned gag, they wont...
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COLT - Muscle Nips Pump
Two multi-use heavy duty cylinders with intense suction action. The removable air hose easily detaches while maintaining suction. The nipple cylinders have a flanged base for a secure seal and the hose is 100 percent silicone. There are easy on...
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COLT - Wireless Vibrating Nipple Grips
The wireless clips are powered by small batteries, so you can enjoy your loved one for a long time, even without you having to take them. Not only the nipples are suitable as a pinch object. Because our vibrating nipple...
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S&M Feathered Nipple Clamps
These Feathered Nipple Clamps feature luxuriously soft feathers that tickle the skin as they sway. Available in sophisticated shade of black.
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Fetish Fantasy Nipple Chain Clips
These Fetish Fantasy Series metal nipple clamps are packed with visual impact – they make your nipples look pert and ready for pleasure and they make your sweet spots a little more sensitive. These nipple clamps look incredible in the...
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Fetish Fantasy Japanese Clover Clamps
Make your nipples perk with pleasure with these Metal Clover Clamps. These butterfly style nipple clamps are spring-loaded and fitted with rubber grips for extra comfort. Pull on the string to increase the tension the harder you pull the tighter...
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Fetish Fantasy Nipple Vises
Get just the right squeeze and make your nipples perk with pleasure with these Fetish Fantasy Series Nipple Vises, These classic metal nipple presses feature adjustable vise-screws that gently apply pressure to your nipples, keeping them erect and increasing sensitivity....
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