Fleshlight QUICKSHOT - Mia Malkova BUTT
Set up your next date night with Mia Malkova and come in a quick shot thanks to this masturbator. Measuring a neat 3.5 inches in insertable length, this double-ended masturbator is equipped with hyper-real textures resembling both of Mia’s enticing...
Fleshlight - Pink Butt Stamina Training
TRAIN - Practice makes perfect, especially in the bedroom. This is the perfect men's sex tool. The Stamina Training Unit was specifically designed to replicate the intense sensations of intercourse, which can help users increase sexual stamina, improve performance and...
Fleshlight Girl - Kazumi Kumzumi
Discover paradise with the perfect stroker, expertly designed to take your pleasure to new heights! With its unique honeycomb texture and hyper-narrow this toy ensures unforgettable experience. The speed bump ridges and elongated massage nubs will send shivers down your spine, delivering...
Fleshlight Go - Surge
Practice makes perfect, especially in the bedroom.The Stamina Training Unit was specifically designed to replicate the intense sensations of intercourse, which can help users increase sexual stamina, improve performance and techniques, and heighten and intensify orgasms.Key Features- Made of patented...
Fleshlight - Ana Foxxx
One look at Ana Foxxx and you're certain you've laid your eyes on a real life super model. Not only is this California native statuesque and drop dead gorgeous, she is a sweet, soft-spoken and energetic girl who adds something...
Sold Out
Subaz Male Masturbator Thrusting & Rotating
Subaz goes beyond being just a masturbator for men; it's an advanced system designed for exceptional male stimulation. With 2 powerful motors, Subaz offers 9 thrusting and 360º telescopic rotation modes, taking you to unimaginable levels of pleasure. Additionally, it...
Skins Performance Ring 3 Pack
Skins Performance Rings - extra strong so you can go the extra mile. The instant boost you get from Skins Performance Rings will increase firmness, endurance and deliver more intense pleasure. The ring is made of stretchy material which is...
£12.99 £11.69
Skins Vibrating Ring
Set the vibe and discover new erotic avenues with this Skins pulsating vibrator. Designed for entry-level partner play, this vibrating cock ring is great for sending waves of pleasure to both you and your partner, giving you a great way...
£5.99 £5.39
Clone A Willy Jet Black Kit - Black
Now you have the chance to immortalise yourself and create a fully functioning vibrator based on you - you star!!! This kit contains nearly everything you need, including moulding powder, thermometer and mini vibrator. The only thing it is missing...
Clone A Willy Glow In The Dark Kit - Blue
The brand new Glow In The Dark Clone-A-Willy kit in blue creates the perfect reminder of your favourite penis. This kit allows you to replicate a penis exactly, showing off every detail. The result is a vibrating penis that glows...
Loving Joy Real Feel Male Masturbator
Loving Joy Real Feel Neutral Male Masturbator Product features: Masturbation aid with neutral entrance hole Textured inner canal Internal Length: 12.5cm Stretchy material Product weight: 0.3 kg
Hunkyjunk Ballstretcher - Teal Ice
The Hunkyjunk FRACKAL STRETCHER is made of a Plus+SILICONE mix designed for longer ball-stretch play. This design is the perfect size with the right fit+feel and soft grip that stretches to fit bigger ball sacks and beginner high and tight...
Hunkyjunk Ballstretcher - Bronze
The Hunkyjunk bronze GYROBALLS is a soft stretchy outer hourglass shaped curving ballstretcher with a whopping eight super-stretch ribs for max stretch in a taller ballstretcher. The eight ribs keep the squeeze down for extra grip and tug. The unique...
Oxballs Humpballs Black
The amazing Oxballs Humpballs cockring is a thicker, fleshier cockring that’s designed to stay in place while you play. This black coloured ring is ultra comfortable, and allows you to extend pleasure for as long as you like for an...
Oxballs Ultraballs Black/Blue
Ultraballs by Oxballs is an ultra stretchy, comfortable cock ring that’s designed for enhanced partner play. They come in a pack of two for double the fun, and nodules on the underside keep him stimulated and firm. These rings heighten...
Oxballs Tri Sport Cocksling Clear
The Oxballs Tri Sport is the ultimate sling for men who love comfort, pleasure and exciting solo and partner play. This sling can be worn in a number of ways - pull your balls through the wider opening for a...
Oxballs Squeeze Black
The Oxballs ballstretcher is the perfect accessory for men who love a serious stretch. This toy has a curved chamber, and pushes your balls down and away from your body. This toy is made from FLEX-TPR, a super stretchy material...
Oxballs Sprocket Ice
The Oxballs Sprocket Ice is the ultimate cockring for men who love longer play. This ring is thicker, larger, stretchier and more comfortable - it is made from SOFLEX TPR, a material that is strong and durable - perfect for...
Oxballs Squeeze Clear
The Oxballs Squeeze ballstretcher is a super stretchy accessory that is comfortable, effective and designed for extra sensation where it counts. This clear ballstretcher is non-toxic and is made from FLEX-TPR. Squeeze is lightweight and compact for anytime pleasure, it...
Oxballs Truckt Black
Oxballs Truckt is the ultimate cockring set and features two textured cockrings in two sizes. These black cockrings are super stretchy and stay in place while you play. On the inside of each ring is a channel, and when stretched,...
Oxballs Humpballs Clear
Oxballs Humpballs cockrings are the perfect pick for men who love fleshy comfort that won’t pinch or pull hairs. This cockring is made from SKINFLEX-TPR and is an ultra stretchy ring that can be worn on it’s own, or stacked...
Oxballs Humpballs Pink
Get your hump on with the Humpballs cock ring from Oxballs. This sexy nut shaped ring is just what your hard cock has been begging for! The Humpballs ring is made from SKINFLEX-TPR, and the clever guys at Oxballs have...
Oxballs Humpballs Ruby
Our Oxballs Humpballs cockring is designed for complete comfort. This cockring is the perfect accessory for men who want their erections to last even longer - and you can wear one, or stack plenty of these beauties on top of...
Sold Out
Oxballs Do Nut 2 Black - Large
The Donut-2 cockring keeps your penis firmer for longer, giving you a more impressive package that looks great under gear. This ring is made from soft and stretchy material and we love that it’s super smooth - and snaps back...
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