Your Guide To Electro Sex

When you think of electro sex, you'd be mistaken for thinking it's all about pain. Done properly it can be extremely pleasurable and many people around the world enjoy electrifying their sex life, whether alone or together with the assistance of electrosex toys.

Electrastim at My Amazing Fantasy


What is Electrosex?

Electrosex or stimulation is when you use electric pulses delivered through special equipment to stimulate nerve endings on either yourself or a partner. As the human body contains a lot of water, it is an excellent conductor of these electric pulses and the sensation felt range from mild to teasing to breath-taking thrilling. Using the electric pulses delivered through electrosex toys is barely felt on the lowest levels, moving up to a tingle so mild that its a tickle over the skin.

This sensual feeling is a great component of couples foreplay and can be enjoyed during sex too. On higher levels the light tickle becomes a definite tingle as the pulses interact with the muscle below the skin. The strongest settings are usually worked up over time and are particularly favoured by those using electrosex equipment as part of dominant and submissive roleplay or other BDS sessions.

Please note! Only use electrosex toys if you are generally fit and healthy otherwise it is completely safe as long as you heed the message below. The current they transmit does not penetrate very deep into the body. Instead, the current travels near the skin's surface, so you definitely feel it. It feels like receiving a static shock, except that instead of one quick shock, you get a continuous stream of shocks. It's exciting !

Top Tips for the best electro sex experience


  • Use a conductive gel for external equipment (NOTE -  electro pads include the gel along the back)
  • Use a water based lubricant with internal electrosex toys
  • Apply electro pads or insert electrosex toys only with the power off.
  • Start at the lowest current setting and work your way up slowly.
  • Make sure you clean your electrosex toys after each session, an antibacterial sex toy cleaner is best. Only use the toy again when it's completely dry.
  • Don’t use electrosex toys if you have a heart condition, if you are pregnant or have epilepsy.
  • Never use electrosex toys or form a connection above the waist level.
  • Don’t use electrosex toys in or near water.
  • Never insert or apply electrosex pads or toys with the power on.
Electro Sex guide

If you like the sound of electrosex toys and want to try it out, you`ll want an all -in-one kit like the Electra Stim EM-60 Flick Electrosex stimulator Multipack. This starter pack comes with the power unit and accessories to get you started.

In time, you may wish to move on from using only electro pads to deliver the electric pulses to either yourself or a partner. There are many types of penetrative sex toys which are specially made to safely and pleasurably transmit electro pulses inside the body. Think like using a vibrator or a vibrating butt plug, with the buzz of the vibrations at a pleasure level like nothing you've experienced before.

Men can start from 3 types of electrosex cock rings; metal, conductive rubber or fabric style woven with electro conductive fibres. There are also prostate massagers and urethral sounds in varies sizes, for both sexes, there are plenty of electro butt plugs and anal probes. Women can choose from vaginal electro probes and dildos and an electro clitoral massager. There is even a luxurious leather strop-on, sex harness into which compatible electroStim dildos and probes can be fitted for "couples" strap-ons sex fun.

Interested? Take a look at our ElectraStim products here


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